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The art of being aware of what two partners in a relationship feel emotional creates a platform for communication. Communication is considered healthy for relationships. Most relationships break when the partners stop having interests or rather understanding their partner’s emotional feelings. Both emotional and intellectual connection creates empathy between partner’s experience. In so many relationships, communication is non-verbal. Partners communicate by actions. Therefore, it is important to understand the body language used in a relationship for it to work. Partners should be able to read cues as well as be able to send non-verbal cues.

Love At First Sight

Most people fall in love by just looking at one another as well as listening to one another. At the beginning of a relationship, most partners spend time just chatting and spending hours together as well as try to look for new experiences that are exciting. If two partners spend quality face to face time, communication is created as well as understanding one’s partner. In the world today, face-to-face communication has been eroded. It has been replaced by the new digital conversation that mainly is the social media- Facebook and use of WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, vibes connect, Skype and so on. These modes of interaction between partners create destruction on an emotional level thus undermining the rule of physical interaction. Physical interaction brings about the intimacy that partners felt when they were newbies.

Consider Couple Therapy

Some couples depend on therapy in the event of emotional crackdown or distress in their relationships. In such cases, individual therapy and couples seek external advice to help call, their spirits and make rational decisions that will not implicate adverse effect to their relationship or their families. You can go through this couples counselling questionnaire to get an idea of how couple counselling can help you to make your relationship better. Couples counselling could be a significant investment of time and energy, but the end results are what matters.

Learn From Your Mistakes

It’s important to learn from experiences of past events of conflicts as well as arguments. Learning your partner’s reactions towards stressful situations such as internal conflicts is the best mode of familiarising yourself with your companion. Arguments and fights can be overwhelming. The real character traits of partners are depicted from an argument. During arguments, it is important to try and be calm. If it is possible, one can take time out.

Always Hope The Best

It’s important to bring positive energy from family, friends as well as outside interests to stimulate and enrich it. It is not advisable to have high hopes in a relationship. It puts lots of unnecessary and unhealthy pressure on a relationship.

Feelings Keep Your Relationship Alive

Physical intimacy can be described as the expression of feelings towards a relationship between friends. In relationships, it is considered to be sexual tension or attraction that couples feel. The sensual embrace should be kept live for a family to work else the partners will feel lonely if there is no sexual attraction in the relationship. It is also vital that one partner can find out what one’s partner likes. Touch is significant to a good relationship, but unwanted touch can make a person withdraw from the intimacy.

 Don’t Give Up Because Of Conflicts

All relationships have conflicts, be it work relationships, family relationships or love relationships. Different people use different methods to resolve problems some will communicate to each other; others will use pleasant surprises to say sorry others will use humour in resolving their disagreements. The bottom line is the mode or method used by people to address conflict matters. It should be performed in a peaceful manner that will involve mutual respect for one’s partner as well as understanding. Feelings are easily hurt. During stressful circumstances, an individual should take time for themselves.

Set High Expectations On Your Relationship

This is to say that a couple should set realistic goal according to their standards as well as their potential. Research has proven that people who set high expectations get more. Some people have idealistic goals that they expect from a relationship some of which include romance and passion. They want to be treated well in a relationship. Such people end up getting all these expectations fulfilled in their marriages.
But there are those who set low standards; such relationships do not last.

Listen, Don’t Argue

Listening to one’s partner is vital to a relationship. Good listener shows that he or she cares for his or her partner effectively. Being a good listener also entails being able to read the non-verbal cues, not just the verbal communication. In fact, non-verbal cues give more accurate information than verbal ones. Thus listening is very healthy and vital for a relationship to grow and remain healthy.

Communicate About Financials

It is important for couples to stop fighting about money. Communication can be hard. It’s not easy. But the issue of money and finances often requires openness and assertiveness. The question about money may bring about poor spending habits or improper budgeting of family finances. When such issues arise, it is significant that the individuals communicate effect to resolve it. Maybe by setting some ground rules on how efficiently they can budget their finances to exhaust their needs.

Consider Having Kids?


For a developing family relationship, it is important to talk or discuss the number of kids the couple would want to have. It should also be noted the period of these children and the order in which they would want to bring them up

Believe In You, Be Spiritual

It is also important to get spiritual affiliation by reading religious books. Religion is there to give people hope of a better future. Since we live on hope for a better future, there is a need to associate oneself or as a couple with religious groups such as churches or prayer groups to be spiritually uplifted.

Respect Each Other

Mutual respect is two-way objective. Both partners must appreciate one another for a family to last long. The wife should be able to acknowledge her husband as the head of the household irrespective of the bread winner.

Keep Time For Your Relationship

Setting aside a weekend or a holiday for an outdoor family gathering can be healthy for a family. Alternatively, the couple can decide to have aerobics classes together or go fishing even without the kids. The core goal is to keep the fire burning. The relationship should be strengthened at all costs.

Every individual in a relationship has a responsibility. There are also tasks around the house that need to be done daily. Creating humour out of such duties or chores enables closeness that a couple seeks in a relationship. There is a promotion of togetherness and thus deeming the relationship healthy.


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Project management is the backbone structure of every company. Project management must provide innovations as well as adapting to new trends rather quickly. As a result, PRINCE2 training provides project management training that would make sure that the employees are aware of the newest management trend, and here are the six big trends for project management training this year that you have to know:

Agile Project Management

Agile project management trend has been going on for a while. It serves as a new exciting way to organise project management. It is a method of managing and designing business activities to provide a new product or develop new services in a flexible and interactive manner. It removes barriers to task completion, where team members directly handle their assigned work, detail management, progress report, and quality control on their own. Further, agile project management focuses on continuous innovation, flexibility scope, as well as delivering quality products. At the end of the day, the customer will be benefited by the visibility of product or service in the early building phase instead of having to wait until the product’s completion.

Cloud Collaboration


With an increasingly flexible world where work can be done anywhere at any time, the need for better collaboration also appears. Cloud computing collaboration is one way to provide document collaboration for multiple personnel, locations, and devices. Although cloud collaboration is not limited to project management only, however, it forms an essential part of it since it can contribute to higher product quality with a reduction in production time. It allows both management and non-management staffs that are involved in an individual project to comment, revise, and provide alternatives for the work. As an bonus, cloud collaboration saves time and energy compared to a real face to face discussion.

Emphasis on Balance of Skills

In addition to the regular project management certification and technical training sets, more and more training are now focused on softer skills and reliable communication. Verbal and written communication skills will be valuable to the company’s growth, and a significant part of project management is led by people who can impact other people through interactions.


Solid project management must have sufficient communication skills aside from other mandatory skills such as analytical thinking and strategic initiative. Moreover, the ability for resolving conflict, diplomacy, and confidentiality is needed for projects that consist of people from different cultures and locations. Positive and constructive ways in addressing issues are vital, and a lot of times, what seems to be an innocent word or gesture may cause huge misunderstandings. Hence, such balance of skills is now dominating the project management training trend of 2016.

Remote Working Ability

As jobs and projects are now more widely spread in different locations, the need for remote project management work has increased. Remote work requires the right technology and management of schedule and budgets to achieve a particular goal or objective. Program management is critical since employees are located in a remote area with different time zone and with communication and technology barrier. Especially when working as a team, each employee need to learn how to stay connected amidst their mobility. Hence, improved business intelligence is also required.

Further, even though remote work project management training is not mandatory for every company, its popularity and demand have increased in the recent years. A lot of businesses distribute work for projects, and sometimes it is also added with virtual assistance as well as off-shoring jobs. Along with remote working ability, stronger security policies and procedures are also implemented to keep the company’s data secure when employees use their gadgets.

Virtual Processes

There are an increasing number of podcasts and virtual project management training courses available online. Such trend is resulted from a growing demand of actually learning online, caused by geographical or financial limitations that hinder people from actually attending a classroom training. As a result, many training providers are trying to meet the demand by offering cheaper podcasts and virtual training with the same content, knowledge, and qualification but with a lower cost. Even though attending virtual classes may require a higher level of self-discipline, the virtual learning process can be useful to transfer skills and hence it can be critical for the employee’s skills development.

project -planning

Additionally, virtual options are not only available for learning purposes but also for handling the geographically dispersed project teams. With a large number of companies outsourcing from other countries such as India, China, and the Philippines, technology can be utilised in providing solutions for meetings and discussions such as through virtual meetings instead of a costly long-distance travel. Furthermore, a lot of people are already aware of these types of communication technology and hence, project management training can fill the gap of teaching professional functions of the communication software in addition to the basics that the employees may have already been familiar before.

Wider Spread of Company’s Management

Everyone is a Project Manager now, and this goes to some extent since nowadays companies are not so focused on the operational hierarchies like the old times. Although they still have the organisation and top-down management team, leaders are trying hard to promote and reward various strengths of their employee to create a stronger and more stable team environment. Hence, depending on their strengths, everyone can lead a project even though in the hierarchy there is still someone with a higher position than them.

Moreover, this type of leadership also often adopts an open-door policy where employees outside of the management who hold differing ideas, opinions, and ways of working are welcomed. This is especially applicable to areas such as marketing, sales, and logistics, where this can increase the company’s efficiency and customer satisfaction. At the end of the day, non-management individuals are often sought for innovative and constructive influence for the enterprise. Such spread of company’s management may be unfamiliar especially for older and more traditional management staffs, and therefore this is one of the increasing project management training trends in 2016.