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Renewable energy is the energy produced by the natural resource such as sunlight, water, wind, biomass, tides, etc. These powers can be generated by making use various technology in this modern world.
It is vital to use these energies rather than non-renewable energy such as coal petroleum and natural gas.
Here I am going to discuss energies and technology used in creating them.

Solar Energy: Solar energy produced using a solar panel that converts sunlight into electricity. Industries, houses make use of solar power for electricity in daily life.The uses of solar energy are many such as solar battery charger, solar car, solar house, etc. It also avoids the expenses of using electricity.Solar panels are used in producing electric energy. To know more about solar panels check out euro solar 2016 for more information.


Wind Energy: Wind energy can be produced using huge fans on mountains that convert wind energy into electric energy.


Water Energy: This technique is used to convert water energy to electrical energy.

Tidal Energy: Power produced using tidal waves are transformed into a useful form of energy primarily electricity.

Biomass Energy: It is a sunlight energy used by plants to carry out photosynthesis.Plants make use of solar energy to transform carbon dioxide present in air and water from the ground to generate carbohydrates.Hence biomass plays a significant role in the growth of plants.