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Cantilever racks are very efficient at storing items of varying sizes, especially for the long and bulky items such as tubing, piping, carpet, sheet metal, lumber or furniture. If you are aiming at acquiring the best product accessibility, all you require is an existing cantilever racking system or have it specially designed for your warehouse. You can customise cantilever racks to meet your various storage requirements for items that have unwieldy sizes, weights and lengths. The designers can provide ultimate openness with a minimum boundary from upright columns. It allows easy and more convenient access to items for removal and refill. There are no restrictions when designing this rack that means the bases and column centre can be designed to meet your specific capacity needs and lengths. You also can visit this site for more information about pallet racking:

Cantilever racks are available in individual components such as uprights, bases, arms and cross braces. You can use these parts to swap with your existing racks. The upright components are punched on both ends for flexibility. They are excellent for storing double-sided and single-sided storage, depending on the size and cantilever in use. It is domineering to the condition that you cannot install arms on the two sides while using single-sided cantilever upright, as a double-sided upright is needed to utilise arms on both ends.

You can implement cantilevers in varying options. Some racks apply a screwed connection from the arm to the upright column and are typically meant for heavy-duty storage. They are usable in roof-supported buildings, common in the lumber industry. Roll-formed cantilever systems have a bracket pin connection running from the arm to the upright column. It allows easy and fast arm adjustability. If you are looking forward to utilising your space, it is best to design a single-based and a double-based system in any length you require. Arms can be ordered in different slopes as they are available in both heavy-duty and light-duty capacity styles. Cantilever arms can also be designed to meet deckings such as plywood platforms, wire mesh decks or specialised steel.


Cantilevers storages allow enhanced product selectivity and accessibility with immediate access to a single piece or the whole product load. They also allow greater down-gangway density. You can achieve access to a maximum range of sizes and loading capacities based on your storage needs and prerequisites. These racks are at most advantageous in that can be easily installed and its support arms reconfigured.

It is important to ensure you have the right set-up to improve efficiency regardless of the items you need to store, handle or distribute. If the mentioned scenarios apply to your selected warehouse, cantilevers are efficient in ensuring you have complete control over inventory, and you can manage to enjoy good working conditions in your facility.

In a building that can support a racking system, cantilevers are transformed into a closed storage system with roof support with either a single or double-sided coverage. These systems are less expensive than free-standing racks. The most common type are the COSME’s racks that stores items and yet protect them from the snow, rain or the sun. COSME’s cantilevers pallet racks have a superior storage key to many occurrences. They are time and cost effective to load and offload. You can place a load anywhere on the rack and immediately access it later. It lacks a front column which saves the horizontal space and for fast clearance. You can powder-coat your rack with durable, attractive and scratch resistant paint which is designed to resist the impact of forklifts trucks and collisions.

The light duty cantilevers are primarily used for handloading situations only. They are easily accessible to employees without the use of forklifts, pieces to fill orders and handpicking parts. Each arm holds up to 500 pounds. Medium duties that can hold 700-1000 pounds or heavy duty racks that can hold 5000-6000 pounds are also available.

If your facility requires free standing racks, I-Beams are the best for you as they are available at heights of up to 20 feet. They have a holding capacity of up to 20000 pounds. They utilise space while still maximising efficiency and have a low maintenance option.

The most known type of cantilever pallet racking system is the structural cantilever racking. It can hold and store medium to extra loads. They are available in steel components that guarantee superior length and durability. They are specially made for extra tough industrial use, exploiting high structure strength grade screws on each connection. If you need to extend the full heights of the uprights, ensure you punch holes in it as it will provide versatility and adaptability for your storage requirements. You can utilise them both on the inside and the outside. You can also purchase them with a rugged finish to keep it attractive regardless of exposure to the components.

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You can acquire a structural rack based on two different column types. The first type of column comprises of 4” structural I-Beam upright connected with a 3” vertical arm adjustment, and it also is the best fit for medium and substantial loads. The second type contains a 5” structural I-Beam upright rooted with a 4” vertical arm adjustment. Compared to they first type, the second type of column increases the hefty-duty load capacity. The extra heavy duty racking is meant to handle up to 6600 pounds per arm. It has a configuration that gives room for an overhead crane loading and offloading.

The most efficient way to handle and store flats, low or long profile loads such as tubing, wood crates, aluminium sheets, lumber and piping are by the use of cantilever pallet racking system. Added accessories for lumber or pipe storage include lumber poles and pipe trays to hold products on cantilever arms. If you need to store furniture, you can add brackets and deck to secure the furniture platform.The reason they are leading in the racking system is that they can be customised to meet you facility needs on virtually any type of environment, but accurate products specification are required and important . They are versatile, in that they can store odd and long sizes items that cannot fit on a regular pallet. All cantilevers can be purchased at a minimum of a five-year warranty.